Windows and Rivnuts, oh my!

 We've taken a short break from test-fitting the tub to complete some of the supporting bits we'll soon need. I also happened upon the rivnuts required for the Bulkhead and seat box. These are the gull-wing rear windows from  Explore Glazing . Hard to believe I ordered these over a year ago. We also fit the rear window into the rear door, which is tinted to match. I also found a source for the oversized M8 rivnuts that are used in the more modern bulkhead and seat boxes. After a bit of searching the McMaster-Carr website, I was able to find Part number  95105A191 , which is listed as a "Steel Twist-Resistant Rivet Nut" " About twice as strong as aluminum rivet  nuts,  these steel rivet nuts are zinc yellow-chromate plated for corrosion  resistance.  A ribbed body holds the nut in place so it  won't  turn when tightening a  screw.  Also known as blind  inserts,  they can be installed when you have access to only one side of the  material.  Install in a drilled

Tub Construction

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