A setback...

 What a morning - after beating on the VA DMV website for an hour, I was able to snag an appointment for this AM at 8:45. Completed all my paperwork and figured it was a perfect day to get the 110 through safety inspection. I went over to Jim's house and we swapped on the wheels and tires that were mounted up yesterday. I started the engine and let it come up to temp and just as I was about to pull out of the driveway, I hit the brake as I went to let off the parking brake.
And my foot hit the floor. Again, and again. Got out to check the brake fluid and what was full yesterday is empty today. It looks like the brake hard line that runs from the front to the back busted right next to the fuel filter. Working on getting a set of lines made or ordering the stainless ones Jim used. That'll be fun to replace.