It lives!

 After eliminating many of the connectors between the main harness and the fuel pump, we still had some oddities. We were seeing power everywhere we tested, but never getting the pump on. We also found continuity between the positive and ground of the fuel pump connector. Assuming this means a short somewhere up the line in the harness, we made the decision to jumper out of the inertia switch directly into the fuel pump, bypassing the body harness all together.


We got it started up and let it slowly come up to temp. The oil pressure gauge is non-responsive, assuming that the sender or gauge has bit the dust. The oil pressure light went off and as it warmed up, the 4.6 got quieter and quieter, eventually sounding like a sewing machine. We drove it up to the local gas station to throw 5 gallons of fuel in the tank an get some victory Taco Bamba (and Dos Equis)

I need to chase down some wiring in the brake lights - but that shouldn't take forever. Once I get them sorted I can get a VA inspection on it and start tackling a myriad of other concerns.