Lets get a look at what we have here

 Started out the day taking a look at 66 in the daylight. It looks like there was a mild restoration done (possibly at West Coast Rover in 2005?) before it went to Hawaii :

New Puma doors
new 2nd row doors
New hinges and hardware
replaced T pieces (b pillar)
Painted roll cage black inside & out
Body Painted Coniston Green
Black Checker Plate
OME 2 inch lift
Cat back Exhaust
3.9 converted to 4.6 w/new 4.6 short block and reman heads

Today, we hot wired the fuel pump and confirmed it worked. Engine fired right up, but with no oil pressure. Deconstructed the oil pump and packed it with petroleum jelly to prime the oil system and got it running. Will be doing an oil change on it (likely the first in five years or more?) Paul brought over a 110 bulkhead that he had originally bought for #66 that I'm purchasing from him. Intend to have it chem / acid dipped, repaired and galvy/powder coated in the near future.

Got it onto Jim's driveway & swapped the wheels for some spares so I can have new tires put on - the ones on it are literally falling apart. Good day, still plenty to figure out w/getting the v8 running correctly, but it runs, so we're closer to finding the problem.