New windows - all around!

 UPS Dropped off a package today - 4x glass expedition windows from Explore Glazing in The Netherlands. 2x in stock "green" to match the factory glass in @JimC's 110 & two in dark tint for mine. I've also ordered OEM replacement glass for the front, second row and rear facing windows - it should have a factory tint appearance - slightly dark in the first row, privacy dark the rest of the way around.
Explore Glazing was very easy to work with via e-mail & a simple international wire transfer from my bank was all it took to get them paid. Not as easy as a credit card or PayPal, but they've delivered for sure.
I'm sure you'll soon see them being installed in #66 or #145
Jim - parsol green, light transmission 57% (tinted 43%)
My Front row - parsol grey, light transmission 57% (tinted 43%)
Second, third & rear - privacy grey, light transmission 20% (tinted 80%)
With international shipping, they took about five days to arrive. (11/25 - 11/30)