Rover Gauge - A 14cux ECU troubleshooting tool

 Small steps.

The heater core was looped out of the system, but fortunately the heater hoses were left in place. We re-connected them and added about half a gallon of coolant to the system. The heat blows nice and hot. Also of note, the AC clutch turns on w/the little green button on the dash, so we know at least part of the AC is working.

I also got my cable in for the 14cux, and was able to get Rover Gauge (available on github here) up and running. Handy to have the ability to interrogate the ECU, I may look to get it up and running on a tablet or raspberry pi for a more portable solution. You can see here that we're running R3038 - a generic Defender 3.9 tune. I need to sort through all the ECU's we've got around here again and see which ones are socketed, then I can get a tune that is more suited to the 4.6L - there's likely a fair bit of performance left on the table.

All in all - another good day, getting more and more comfortable with this engine at every turn.

rover gauges.png

As was mentioned earlier - one of the owners of #66 was Woody Woods. Thanks to @Z.G I was able to get a picture of the 110 from his family, as Woody had it on Hawaii. Generally I like this look and think I'll shoot to restore it to Woody spec with a few modern conveniences.

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 9.00.45 AM.png