Slow and steady progress - and some history!

 Pulled a rear seat yesterday - with rusted bolts everywhere it took much longer than we'd have liked. But we finally got access to the drivers side grounds. We cleaned up the corrosion and move the ground to another spot on the chassis. No luck starting. Hopefully I'll have some good (warm) time today to get over to Jims and do a proper oil change and keep tinkering.

In other news - I read with interest the article in this weeks Rovers magazine about Woody Woods. According to my records from West Coast Rovers, Woody was an owner of #66 & if you take a look at the picture of Woody with his 95 NAS in the magazine, you can get an inkling of what this 110 looked like when he owned it. It is my understanding that @lordhelemt bought it from his son Chris Woods. I'm not quite certain whether the Woods family was the original owners or not - as it seems to have been in NYC for the first ten or so years of its life before it ended up on the west coast. I've asked @Z.G to see if RN can reach out to the Woods family for any picture of the 110 when it was owned by them.

Small world these rovers