The beginning - A 1993 NAS Defender 110, Number 66

 In early November,  I took a ride with @JimC to NY to drop off some parts, pick up some parts and run an errand in Brooklyn. Little did I know that ride would end up with me buying a NAS 110. #66 has had a bit of a journey - it started out in New York with its first owner and then went on to California with them as well. It appears to have been traded in at a dealer and ended up at Land Rover of Las Vegas. From there it went to Hawaii, where it stayed from 2006 - 2014, after which it returned to California on its way to Virginia. It was here in Northern Virginia from 2014 to 2018, when it was purchased, taken for service at Independent Land Rover in Bethesda, MD and again went to New York. It was stored in a garage in New York until today - basically un-driven since it was last in the DC area and now a bit of a project for Jim and I.

Its currently a non-runner - we're chasing some electrical gremlins that are preventing the fuel pump from getting power. The outriggers are nearly full rotted, the bulkhead has significant rust and you can poke your finger through the rear cross member. The paint is peeling in several spots on the front and the second row doors are rusted - the drivers side rusted shut. The factory winch doesn't seem to work and the headliner needs to be replaced.

But she's a beauty. With a 4.6L engine that's got less than 5000 miles on it & a verified 50000 +/- on the odometer, as the previous owner said "She's got good bones". There's years of deferred maintenance to address, and all that comes with it - but I have a feeling this is going to be a good one. time will tell and I'll be sure to post plenty of pictures here as we go along.

A huge thanks to Jim for all his support and assistance - I'll be indebted more than a few cases of beer to this gentleman. Also a shout out to Tommy who was an absolute pleasure to do business with and did everything he could to make sure this truck was taken care of and going to a good home. I'm looking forward to eventually taking #66 on some trips with both of them.