Doors and sides off to paint

Dropped sides & doors off for paint. Decided we're going Willow Green. Dropped off the cage and a few minor bits for fresh powder coat as well. It'll be a nice matte black.
Also decided to order a new OEM JLR frame from RN, which will take a few months to get here. It looks like we'll be rebuilding from the ground up. We'll have it galvy'd and powder coated once it arrives.
Many debates around engine have been had (Cummins, 300tdi, Chevy 292) but for now staying with the 4.6l v8. I intend to put some major miles on this and serviceability is a major priority. In a pinch, being able to roll into any shop in North America and finding a moderately easy source for parts is crucial. Going to an esoteric diesel motor defeats much of that serviceability. Preserving a bit of originality is also nice. I may revisit this decision in 5 - 10 years when the GM Crate electric motor program is more developed.
Have a 110 litre stainless steel tank on order from to make up for the lackluster MPG I expect to get. I've also been collecting a variety of other parts, including an ARB front bumper and the Hannibal rack / awning that Woody Woods originally ran on this defender in Hawaii. It's to be a bit of a resto-mod, but trying to stay fairly period correct as we can.
More pics to follow as disassembly continues. I imagine we'll strip it back to the bulkhead soon enough. Sounds easy, but many parts are falling apart in our hands as we go along.
The cancer on this one is pervasive.