Bulkhead stripped!

 Bulkhead is back from chemical strippint at Mec Chemicals in Nanty Glo, PA. This removed all the paint and rust to prep for restoration and new floor pans, etc.
Next I'll have it repaired and vents cut into it - think I'll be going with a TD5 dash after all.
Also dipped was a rear x-member from a puma truck.

I'll have the shop start a pretty exhaustive restoration of the spare bulkhead that I have - and first up will be new foot wells from Rovers North. They've been a great vendor for so much of what it's going to take to get #66 back on the road. Much thanks to Zack. More bulkhead goodies arrive Friday.

Complete bulkhead repair kit - now with flappy vents. Because flappy vents matter. All of this will go to the body shop today!