Fuel. Lots of Fuel.

 There are a ton of parts in transit from the UK to the US & I'll go into all of them once they arrive, suffice it to say we're trying to take as many steps forward at once as possible with this ground up restoration.

In the mean time, a few weeks ago my 110 litre fuel tank arrived from Safari Equip. They are a custom manufacturer in the UK & I'll tell you right now - if you want to order, pick up the phone and call them directly. They will work with you to design exactly the specifications you require - for me, this was a fully stainless steel tank with integrated protection in the bottom - so double layered and for gasoline and to fit a puma frame, which I have on order from JLR. Given covid-19, etc. - the lead time was a few months, but they came through and got this delivered to me via FedEx.

One of the goals of my build is to have pretty good range - and the 4.6l v8 is not exactly known for high MPG. This tank will afford me many more miles than the original tank, without worrying about the dirt, rust and debris that comes along with a 30 year old fuel tank.