Rover Chrome & More

 Good times as of late, got a few things done.

Acquired a new Land Rover bulkhead - restoring the old one has turned out to be a non-option. I also acquired a NOS Puma roof, which I dropped off for paint:

Jim and I also picked up my frame (finally) from the dipping, and dropped it off for surgery:

My parts also came back from the galvy run with Tony - and they look great. They were then dropped off for powder coat, which I picked up today

Amazingly - I had a whole other batch of galvy come together - four t-posts and four sets of 110 tub capping. It was dropped in baltimore today and should be ready in a week or so.

I expect to get the frame done (and galvanized) by the end of January or so and should have most of the paint work done by then - hood, wings, seat box and a few misc bits here and there are left to do. Hopefully assembly starts in earnest in Feb. Would love to have a rolling chassis to Doug by, March or so?


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