Rover Chrome All The Things!

Saturday Jim and I went down to Drew's place to check out my frame. It's looking good. He texted me this AM that he dropped my frame and bulkhead at Commonwealth Galvanizing at 7AM! He said it might be ready this week - so looking forward to that. We test fit my 30 gal fuel tank, and it seems to fit.  Looking forward to having this back soon so we can get started! 

 Baltimore galvanizing also called today to let me know my t-posts and capping were done. I drove up this afternoon and took a few calls from the road. I had two sets of both cappings and t-posts, so one set is for sale. I'll list those here shortly.

I also texted with Rob of Rob's Customs, where the paint work is getting done. My roof is just about done, and I'll be dropping more for him to paint Friday.