More progress

 Now that we're beginning the assembly phase of things - every day seems to bring something of note. Today, Jim and I put the rear of the frame on the rear axle and installed the fuel tank. We're working with shorter days - from a few perspectives, but still trying to get as much done daily as possible.


  1. It seems to me the "well" on the top of this tank is going to collect all kinds of things and it will not be able to clean itself out or easily accessible to clean out (unless you have access through the floor) . Are you concerned with trapping water and debris in this?

  2. I'm not super concerned with it as the tub sits pretty closely there and is well obstructed by the rest of the tub supports. I can add a picture of how that all looks. Also, the tank, fuel lines and retaining ring are all stainless steel, so im not too worried about them rusting.


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