Hiding from the frigid cold of winter...

 Its no surprise - January and February have been cold! Gone are the strangely warm 50-60 degree days of December. I took that time when working outside would have been unbearable to clean up the garage. And oh boy did it need it!

Along the way, some additional shelving, lots of lighting, some new cabinets and a better toolbox helped. A bit ended up in the basement, lots in the trash, and other stuff out in a new back yard shed.

Starting in Mid January, I was able to transform the garage from this:

To this:

There's still a bit of work to go, but it was enough to move the 110 frame indoors, where we can begin making more progress. No longer will we be held hostage to silly things like daylight and clear skies. Hopefully, this accelerates progress in the coming months.

Big thanks to Jim once again for his help throughout this project.