Well That Escalated Quickly, aka the 4th of July Mega Post.

What an epic week its been since my last update. We've made huge disassembly progress and the next day will be used to start processing anything that needs to go off to paint, powder coat, galvy or chemical dipping.  In summary - we're down to bare frame on my 110, and have started the building up process on Jims 130.  Read on for the timeline and tons of photos.

Last Thursday we had about an hour, and pulled the drivers side t post. Jim and I got back at it early on Friday, and finished pulling the passenger side t post, as well as the tub.

This was also a great chance to get a look at my fuel return line leak. It looks like someone used non fuel injection fuel hose here, and it finally gave up the ghost. A potentially dangerous situation that is easily avoided.

Feeling good about our progress Thursday and Friday, we were joined by Dave on Saturday. He gave us a hand tearing down the front end and dash. Note the growing debris field on Jims poor lawn.

Feeling that we were making good progress - Jim and I returned on July 4th to get even more done. We started with pulling the engine, then the bulkhead and finally the rear axle.

Finally we were able to get a real look at the outriggers, both of which need to be replaced

We carefully removed the rear axle and called it a day

Only to return on the 5th with a renewed gusto. We made quick work of the front end, wheeled the frame and axle out onto the street and removed the front suspension, leaving the frame on the trailer. Soon it will be off to be chemically  dipped for a month to remove all the dirt, grime, undercoating and rust - inside and out.  After that we'll have it repaired and galvanized before we start re-assembly. With the delays from JLR, and the good condition of this frame, I won't be using a brand new frame for this resto.

You might think this brings our story to a pause, or end? No friends There is yet more to go. In fact, we used the rest of our day to get Jims 130 chassis up and rolling on my axles, and installed his 30 gallon fuel tank in the same day.

We also straightened up the yard a bit