Progress thus far

For those catching up anew - a few posts to get you up to date:

While February was a slow month for posting updates - plenty was getting done. This project has become a balancing game of logistics and parts - currently #66 exists as a (kindof) functioning vehicle - but one that has irreparable rust damage to the frame and bulkhead.  Accordingly, I've worked with Rovers North to order a factory new frame from Jaguar / Land Rover. This frame will come from the factory stamped with the VIN for #66, and will be the baseline from which we build up.

While we wait on the frame, I'm having a NAS 110 buklhead stripped, and it's off to the body shop to have repair work done. When that is complete, we'll be bolting a Td5 era dash on.

What's being replaced:
OEM JLR Puma chassis / frame
Puma doors (front, second row and rear)
Td5 Dash
110 Litre (30 Gallon) stainless steel fuel tank
Disc rear salsbury 
New exmoor trim carpet kit
New tinted windows - looking for windshield options

What's being Kept:
Everything forward of the seatbox including the bulkhead & 4.6l engine
NAS 110 Roll Cage

I'm currently debating a reconditioned R380 transmission & L230 transfer case from Ashcroft.